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Duarte PadinhA

With a bachelor's degree in Tourism, a degree in marketing, and a master's degree in Management and Development in Tourism, he is currently the Director of the Operational Department of the Algarve Tourism Board.

With the Regional Tourism Entity being an important milestone in his professional career, here he also worked in the Investor Support Office, promotion department, having also been head of the studies and projects division, marketing director and vice president.

Also noteworthy was the operational coordination of the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA), where he later became executive director.

Occasionally, he does consultancy work in the area of tourism development.

Sustainable Tourism in The Algarve – the Role of the Algarve Tourism Board

Tourism has been, for several years now, the main driver of development in the Algarve region.

At a time when, more and more, the models of compatibility of tourism development with the preservation of the territory and a balanced management of its resources are being discussed, it is also convenient to reflect on the role that the Tourism Boards should have in this process.

It is intended here to contribute to this reflection, presenting examples of what has been the intervention of the Algarve Tourism Board in this particular, something that can be considered as an inflection of a more traditional model, in which the predominant activity was the promotion of tourism, towards an approach focused on the organization and structuring of the offer.

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