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Arminda paço

Arminda Paço (PhD in Management) is an Associate Professor at the University of Beira Interior, Portugal. She is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and researcher of NECE – Research Unit of Business Sciences. Her areas of interest are sustainability and environmental marketing. She has published several articles in international journals and has edited books in the field of sustainability. Additionally, she has participated in national research projects and in international projects (ICT Entrepreneur, SCIENT, ARTISAN, SPRING, ENTRANCE, RE_START, START Circular).

Antecedents, barriers and consequences of sustainable practices in the wine tourism sector

This communication aims to present the resuls of a study related with the antecedents, barriers and consequences of adopting sustainable practices in Portuguese wine tourism companies. A quantitative research resorted to collecting primary data from 103 Portuguese wine tourism companies. The results indicate that the antecedents (internal pressure and external pressure) influence the adoption of sustainable practices in wine tourism. In addition, the adoption of sustainable practices may result in benefits for companies in the wine tourism sector. Finally, the barriers were found not to moderate the relation between antecedents nd the adoption of sustainable practices. Therefore, even if barriers are perceived by business-people, they tend to continue to adopt sustainable practices in wine tourism.

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